Public product roadmap

Public roadmap to show what you're working on next

Prioritize feedback by creating a clear process for gathering it, prioritizing it, and using it to make decisions on what features to build next.

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Public roadmap to show what you're working on next
  • Reduce feature creep

    Reduce feature creep

    Identify and prioritize customer-centric features to prevent feature creep.

  • Plan for growth

    Plan for growth

    Use your product roadmap to plan for future iterations of your product & keep current customers loyal.

  • Set priorities & track progress

    Set priorities & track progress

    Prioritize your product roadmap and build the right features to grow your customer base.

Prefer to make assumptions about your customers' needs instead of listening to them directly?
Supahub is not for you. It provides a direct line of communication with your customers to gain valuable insights and ideas.

Benefits of public roadmap

Prioritize features so you can build the most important ones first

Supahub helps you prioritize feature requests, communicate progress with your customers, and show everyone what features are coming down the pipeline.

Get insights into the most requested features

Get insights into the most requested features

Use our prioritization matrix to make sure every new feature adds value or risk being cut completely!

Communicate progress to customers and stakeholders

Communicate progress to customers & stakeholders

Show & communicate what features are coming to your product, to customers and key stakeholders, and maintain transparency.

Build features with high impact & value

Build features with high impact & value

Gain insight into what your customers think about how things work right now, what issues they're having with certain features and more.

Increase customer loyalty

Share your product's future plans to build customer loyalty

They'll feel like they're on the inside, and that can make them more likely to stick with your product when something new comes along.

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    Collect feedback in a centralized place
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    You'll never miss another customer again!
Sharing your product's future plans can build customer loyalty
Prioritize features based on impact and effort with Supahub

Prioritize feature requests

Prioritization tools to help you build the best product

Make data-informed product decisions

With feature voting boards, you can see what features customers want most and how frequently they request them.

Users vote on their favorite features

Prioritize which features to build next based on real customer feedback. with feature voting boards.

Product Roadmap works

How do public product roadmaps work?

How do you prioritize all of that feedback and decide which features to build next? That's where a product roadmap comes in.


Users vote on their favorite feature requests

The more people who vote for an idea, the greater its impact will be on your business.


Prioritize feedback based on impact

Use our prioritization tool to score each request based on impact and urgency. Find out which features are most important for your customers and make sure to focus on those first.


Share on what you're building next

You'll want to share your public roadmap with customers so they know what's coming next and how their feedback is helping shape the product!

Enjoy manually sorting through piles of feedback from different sources?
Supahub is not for you. It consolidates feedback from various channels into one easy-to-use platform.

Product roadmap features

Public product roadmap features

Supahub's product roadmap tool is an easy way for you to prioritize your features based on how much they'll help your customers and how soon they're needed.

Add priority table

Add new features as they come up or create a backlog of features that need to be prioritized eventually.

Add priority table

Customize statuses

Change the status of a feature from “planned” to “in progress” depending on the development stage.

Customize statuses

Maintain transparency

Your public roadmap helps share what's coming and what's already been released.

Maintain transparency

Some more features of product roadmap

  • Make roadmap private

    Make roadmap private

    You can make this private so that only your team can see it, or public so that anyone can see what features are being worked on.

  • Build product backlog

    Build product backlog

    Store your product backlogs within Supahub so that nothing important gets lost in email chains or spreadsheets.

  • Calculate Prioritization Score

    Calculate Prioritization Score

    Prioritize so that you don't overload yourself with too many feature requests at once!

Learn more about product roadmapping

Everything you need to know about product roadmap

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

  • What is a product roadmap?

    A product roadmap is a way to organize and prioritize ideas for your product. The goal is to make sure you're working on the right things at the right time, so that you're always improving your product and meeting customer needs.

  • How to create product roadmap?

    First, start by collecting feedback from customers in feedback boards. Then, organize that feedback into categories based on topics (e.g. Features, Improvements etc.). Analyze these feedback to help you create your roadmap!

  • How do I prioritize feature requests?

    You can prioritize feature requests based on their importance, impact, urgency or difficulty. You can also use the voting system to make sure that you are prioritizing them correctly.

  • Are there any tools that will help me create a product roadmap?

    Yes! Supahub offer a free trial of product roadmap tool. It comes with all the features needed to manage your product roadmap and keep it up-to-date.

  • How long will it take to set up my product's roadmap?

    It takes less than a minute to set up your product's roadmap on Supahub. Just log in and click Create a new roadmap.

  • Can I customize the statuses of my roadmap?

    Yes! You can change the status of your roadmap items. From there, you can change it to anything from concept to in progress or ready for release.

  • Can I connect my own custom domain?

    Yes, you can set up your own custom domain by going to Settings > Custom Domain and adding your domain name there!

  • Do I need a Credit Card to try Supahub?

    No, you don't need to have a credit card to start using Supahub. You can sign up for free with your email address and start collecting customer feedback right away!

  • Does Supahub offer a free trial?

    Yes! You can get started with Supahub by signing up for a 10-day free trial. It's completely free and comes with all the features you need to get started with your customer feedback management.

Want to continue guessing what your users think of your product? You guessed it.
Supahub is not for you. We help you gather and analyze user feedback to make informed decisions.

Let's face it

We believe in transparency and communicating with our customers

Keep track of feature requests and understand which feedbacks carry the most impact and should be prioritized.

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