Features offered by Supahub

Easiest way to collect feedback from your customers

Supahub's three modules, product feedback board, public roadmap and product changelog will help you manage all of your customer feedback in one place.

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Feedback boards

Collect customer feedback in one easy-to-access place.

Product feedback tool
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Product Roadmap

Let your cutsomers know which features are being prioritized first.

Product roadmap tool
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Product Changelog

Notify your users from small updates to major feature releases.

Notify with changelog
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Customer feedback board

Organize with feedback boards

Feedback boards let you organize feature requests into topics and subtopics so that they're easy to find later on.

Collect feedback from different platforms

Now all your customer feedback can be collected in one place, making it easier for you to respond.

Explore feedback boards
Collect feedback from different platforms

Set native language

Customize the language of your portal to resonate with your audience.

Set native language

Vote on behalf

You can vote on behalf of your users on an existing feedback.

Vote on behalf

Merge duplicate posts

Spot duplicates and merge them together so that your team doesn't have to waste time reading through the same post twice.

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Merge duplicate posts

Prefer spreadsheets to prioritize your roadmap?
Supahub is not for you. Get Google Sheet to manage feature requests.

Product roadmap tool

Publish product roadmap

With public product roadmap you can let your customers know what's on the horizon for your product line.

Maintain transparency

Use your product roadmaps to communicate progress to customers and key stakeholders.

Maintain transparency

Prioritize features based on impact, effort and urgency

Use the data that you've collected on user behavior, customer feedback and feature requests.

Product Roadmap Tool
Prioritize features based on impact, effort and urgency

Build your own roadmap table to prioritize features

Prioritize your product roadmap and build the right features to grow your customer base and keep current customers loyal towards your product.

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Build your own roadmap table to prioritize features

Make roadmap private

Keep your product roadmap private and for internal use only.

Make roadmap private

Do you love spending hours manually tracking customer feedback?
Supahub is not for you. Keep juggling between platforms to collect feature requests.

Product Changelog & Release Notes

Notify with product changelog

A product changelog can also be a good way to communicate changes clearly by listing out what's new in each release.

Increase feature adoption and engagement

Make your users feel excited about what's coming next and are more likely to share their excitement with others.

Publish product changelog
Increase feature adoption and engagement

Share product updates

Send product update notifications to your users about new feature updates or product releases.

Share product updates

Set custom domain

Set a custom domain for your public feedback portal to make it more professional and easy for users to find.

Set custom domain

Powerful text editor

No more clunky, outdated WYSIWYG editors that force you to choose between formatting options! Supahub has a powerful text editor designed to make it easier for you to write rich-text content.

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Powerful text editor

You know what your customers want?
Supahub is not for you. Just build random features for your product.

Supahub's Best Features

Supahub is so much more loaded with features, it's insane

Supahub is an all-in-one solution that helps you get the most out of your customers' feedback and turn it into actionable insights.

Core Features

  • Feedback boards

    Feedback boards

    Create and manage feedback boards to collect user feedback.

  • Product roadmap

    Product roadmap

    Prioritize features based on impact and urgency.

  • Product changelog

    Product changelog

    Announce new product updates, share features with your users.


  • Board privacy

    Board privacy

    Boards can be public or private, and you can decide who has access to the board.

  • Single Sign-On

    Single Sign-On

    Enable SSO to allow your existing customers to submit feedback with a single click.

  • Post moderation

    Post moderation

    Moderate your posts & comments and keep your feedback portal safe from spam and hate speech.

  • Anonymous posts

    Anonymous posts

    Guests can leave an unlimited number of guest posts on your board without creating an account.

  • Anonymous comments

    Anonymous comments

    Make it easy for users to contribute to discussions without signing up.

  • Anonymous upvotes

    Anonymous upvotes

    Guests can vote up or down on any post and feature requests without creating an account.


  • Set custom domain

    Set custom domain

    Set custom domain for your public feedback portal so your users have unified experience.

  • Set OpenGraph image

    Set OpenGraph image

    Add an open-graph image that will show up on Facebook and other social media sites.

  • Dark/Light theme

    Dark/Light theme

    Select theme for your public feedback portal for consistent user experience.

  • Custom brand colors

    Custom brand colors

    Set custom brand colors for your background, text, and buttons in order to match your brand.

  • Set favicon

    Set favicon

    Upload your brand favicon of your product to make Supahub's feedback portal your own.

  • Custom links

    Custom links

    Link directly back to specific pages on your site or any external page.

  • Set default homepage

    Set default homepage

    Specify which page should appear when someone visits your public board URL.

  • Set custom domain

    Set custom domain

    Bring your own domain to your Supahub account. Like feedback.yourdomain.com.

  • Hide Supahub branding (Coming soon)

    Hide Supahub branding (Coming soon)

    Disable Powered by Supahub branding on your account.

Feedback Boards

  • Public or private board

    Public or private board

    Boards can be public or private, and you can decide who has access to your feedback boards.

  • Upvotes & downvotes

    Upvotes & downvotes

    Upvotes and downvotes helps you see which feature is popular among your users.

  • Reset votes

    Reset votes

    If you're having trouble with spammy votes on a post, you can reset them so that they're counted again from scratch.

  • Internal comments

    Internal comments

    Leave internal comments on a post for team members to see without showing them publicly to your users.

  • Mention users (Coming soon)

    Mention users (Coming soon)

    You can mention another user in your posts by typing '@' followed by their username.

  • Vote on behalf

    Vote on behalf

    Allows your team to vote on behalf of your users.

  • Post on behalf

    Post on behalf

    Allows your customer support team to post on behalf of your users.

  • Merge duplicate posts

    Merge duplicate posts

    Merge duplicate posts so that all of similar feature requests are consolidated into one thread.

  • Priority ratings

    Priority ratings

    Prioritize feature requests by asking your users about how important it is for them.

  • Move between boards

    Move between boards

    Move feedback between boards so you can easily see all ideas in one place.

  • Hide posts

    Hide posts

    Hide posts if they're not relevant to your product.

  • Pin posts & comments

    Pin posts & comments

    Pin posts & comments so they stay at the top of the board where they belong!

  • Set estimated completion date

    Set estimated completion date

    Set estimated completion dates so that everyone knows when they can expect new features.

  • Disable comments

    Disable comments

    Disable comments on any post if you don't want users leaving feedback on that post.

  • Read-only boards

    Read-only boards

    Make your boards read-only allowing votes and comments from your users.

Product Roadmap

  • Prioritization table

    Prioritization table

    Prioritize feature requests with the help of a prioritization table,so you can prioritize what's most important.

  • Roadmap privacy

    Roadmap privacy

    You can share your product roadmap with specific people or with everyone using your product.

  • Custom statuses

    Custom statuses

    Choose from a list of pre-defined statuses or create one that suits your needs best by adding it to the list as well!

  • Priority score

    Priority score

    Give each task a priority score based on impact and effort.

  • Embed anywhere

    Embed anywhere

    No matter where you want to place it, Supahub makes it easy.

Product Changelog

  • Add labels

    Add labels

    Add labels to any changelog item, making it super easy to keep track of what's going on with your product.

  • Share changelog

    Share changelog

    If you've created an amazing new feature for your product or fixed a critical bug, share them with your users.

  • Rich text editor

    Rich text editor

    Supahub's rich text editor lets you add in links and images to make your changelog more engaging and informative.

  • Email notifications

    Email notifications

    We've made it easy for you to share an email with people who are subscribed to updates on that specific product.

  • Reactions to changelog

    Reactions to changelog

    Allow users to react to changes with a thumbs up rating. You can also turn this off in Settings if you don't want anyone reacting to your changes.

  • Link related posts

    Link related posts

    You can link related posts within the same changelog that contain more information about the update being described.

  • Subscribe users for updates

    Subscribe users for updates

    Subscribe for updates and get notified when there's a change in your product.

Got time and patience to collect feedback from different channels?
Supahub is not for you. Get bogged down gathering feedback through all your channels.

Why use a customer feedback tool?

Building features that your users don't want costs you time & money

Supahub helps you save time & money by creating a product roadmap based on customer feedback and prioritizing features that will have maximum impact and value for your customers.

Building features that your users don't want costs you time & money
Increase customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty

Get your customers involved by asking them what they want next and make feel like they're part of the process.

Build features with high impact

Build features with high impact

Build product backlogs from feature requests, prioritize and identify the highest-impact, highest-urgency features to work on next.

Maintain transparency

Maintain transparency

Share your product roadmap with customers and let them know what's being built & when it will be released.

Prefer spreadsheets to prioritize your roadmap?
Supahub is not for you. Get Google Sheet to manage feature requests.

FAQ on Supahub feedback management tool

Everything you need to know about Supahub's feedback tool

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

  • What is Supahub?

    Supahub is a customer feedback management platform that helps businesses collect, organize, and prioritize feedback from their customers.

  • Is Supahub free?

    Yes. Supahub does come with a free plan. Paid plans start for only $19/month.

  • Can I vote on behalf of my users?

    Yes, you have the ability to vote on behalf of your users in Supahub.

  • How is Supahub different from other feedback management tools?

    Supahub offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, inspired by industry leaders like Canny.io, making it easy to collect and analyze customer feedback. We focus on helping you take action on the most important insights.

  • Can I use Supahub as both an internal and a public feedback tool?

    Yes! You can use Supahub to collect feedback both from your internal team and from external users. The platform is highly customizable so that you can easily change feedback board privacy that serves your specific needs.

  • How can I get started with Supahub?

    To get started with Supahub, simply sign up for an account and begin collecting feedback from your customers and teammates.

  • When should I use public vs private boards?

    Use public boards when you want open feedback and engagement from customers. Use private boards when you want to limit visibility to specific users or teams.

  • How much does Supahub cost?

    Supahub offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets, with plans starting at $19/month. But most importantly Supahub offers a free plan and a 10-day trial to get you started.

  • Can I customize Supahub to match my brand's look and feel?

    Absolutely. Supahub offers customization options to ensure that the platform aligns with your brand's identity, so your customers experience a seamless transition.

Prefer guesswork to build features? You guessed it.
Supahub is not for you. Just do the guesswork to prioritize your features.

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Never miss important feature requests due to feature overload

Keep track of feature requests and understand which feedback carry the most impact and should be prioritized.

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