Customer feedback board

Give your users a place to give feedback, and share ideas

Feedback board is an online forum to collect and organize customer feedback, so you can make informed decisions about your product.

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Give your users a place to give feedback, and share ideas
  • Communicate with your users

    Communicate with your users

    Feedback boards allow you to collect, manage and prioritize feature requests in one place.

  • Embed within your product

    Embed within your product

    Embed a feedback board within your product so that it's easy for users to leave feedback.

  • No more guesswork

    No more guesswork

    With Supahub, you'll be able to see exactly what customers are saying about your product.

Want to continue guessing what your users think of your product?
Supahub is not for you. We help you gather and analyze user feedback to make informed decisions.

Benefits of using feedback boards

Increase customer loyalty by showing them that their voice matters

Feedback boards help encourage engagement and participation from your users, which can lead to increased loyalty and retention rates for your business.

Prioritize features based on votes with Supahub

Prioritize features based on votes

Helps encourage engagement and participation from users, which can lead to increased loyalty and retention rates for your business.

Identify new feature opportunities with Supahub

Identify new feature opportunities

Gives users an opportunity to voice concerns or issues directly with the product decision makers so that they don't have to rely on third-party reviews.

Improve your product with Supahub

Improve your product

Gain insight into what your customers think about how things work right now, what issues they're having with certain features and more.

Multiple sources

Collect feedback from multiple sources into one place

Send feedback from multiple sources like Slack, Gmail, Intercom, and Discord into Supahub's dashboard. You'll be able to see everything that your customers have to say in one place and use that insight to improve your product.

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    Create multiple boards for different use cases.
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    Embed directly inside your product or web app.
Collect feedback from multiple sources into one place
Feature voting board to avoid guesswork

Feature voting board

No more guesswork! Users vote on their favorite features

Make data-informed product decisions

With feature voting boards, you can see what features customers want most and how frequently they request them.

Build the right features

The feedback that you get from your customers can help you build better features for your product.

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How do feedback boards work?

By creating a feedback board, you'll be able to collect information on what features your users want, how they use your product, and what they think about it.


Set up your feedback portal

Sign up for Supahub, and set up a feedback portal and you are ready to start collecting feature requests.


Collect feedback from anywhere

A feedback board can be embedded anywhere on your website or in-app so customers can submit their feature requests directly from there.


Start building features your users want

Users can vote on which features they'd like to see prioritized. The best features move up in priority as more people vote for them.

Don't care about customer satisfaction?
Supahub is not for you. We prioritize user happiness & help you make improvements based on their feedback.

Feedback board features

Organize with feedback boards

Feedback boards let you organize feature requests into topics and subtopics so that they're easy to find later on.

Set board privacy

You can control board privacy, allowing you to control who sees the product feedback.

Set board privacy

Merge duplicate posts

Merge duplicate posts so you don't waste time looking through the same response twice.

Merge duplicate posts

Post on behalf

Post on behalf of your customers so they don't have to login or go through any hoops.

Post on behalf

Some more features of feedback boards

  • Custom form placeholders

    Custom form placeholders

    Custom form placeholders let you use your own branding and logo in our forms, so your customers feel like they're being asked questions by YOU.

  • Priority ratings

    Priority ratings

    Assign priority ratings to different posts, so you can prioritize what matters most at any given time.

  • Public & Internal comments

    Public & Internal comments

    Allow for public comments that anyone can see and internal comments only visible to team members.

  • Upvotes & Downvotes

    Upvotes & Downvotes

    Upvotes and downvotes helps you see which feedback is popular among your users.

  • Disable comments

    Disable comments

    Disable comments in case you don't want people to be able to add their own responses.

  • Guest posts & comments

    Guest posts & comments

    Guest posts so that users can share their thoughts without having to signup.

Learn more about feedback boards

Everything you need to know about feedback boards

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

  • What is a feedback board?

    A feedback board is a tool that allows you to collect customer feedback, feature requests and suggestions in one place.

  • What are the benefits of feedback boards?

    Increase engagement with your audience by making it easy for them to share their opinion with you and increase revenue through customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Can I set feedback boards privacy?

    Yes, you can set feedback boards to be private. The feature allows you to create an internal board for your team to use, or create a public board that anyone can access.

  • Can I embed feedback boards?

    Yes, you can embed feedback boards within your own product or website using the embedded feature of Supahub Feedback Boards. You can also create a custom version of Supahub Feedback Boards for your brand if you wish.

  • How can I create a feedback portal?

    Sign up to Supahub which makes it easy to create your own feedback portal. We've got all the tools you need to customize the look and feel of your portal, so it feels like an extension of your brand's voice.

  • Do I need a customer feedback board?

    If you want to get the most out of your customers' input and make sure they feel heard, then yes! Customer feedback boards make it easy for people who are using your product to give their input on what they'd like to see in the future.

  • Can I import posts into Supahub?

    Yes! Supahub is designed to import all of your old data and keep it organized for you. Just let us know in chat support and we will be happy to help you at no extra cost.

  • Can I connect my own custom domain?

    Yes, you can set up your own custom domain by going to Settings > Custom Domain and adding your domain name there!

  • Can I whitelabel Supahub?

    Yes! Supahub is fully customizable, so you can customize the look and feel of your public portal as well as add company branding. We also have a number of themes available.

Enjoy having a cluttered and disorganized feedback? You guessed it.
Supahub is not for you. Just collect keep doing the same cluttered feedback collection.

Let's face it

We know it's hard to keep track of all your customer feedback

Keep track of feature requests and understand which feedback carry the most impact and should be prioritized.

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